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The "Ezada's Control Cage" symbolize the feminine power over men. With its integrated urethral plug, this powerful device is a perfect tool, to keep your submissives under the best control Ladies! 


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THE "EZADA'S CONTROL CAGE": The ultimate servitude...

The "Ezada's Control Cage", was designed in a complete collaboration with the great Goddess Ezada Sinn. Her demand was very clear : a comfortable device which can allow to push up her slaves limits, integrating a removable urethral plug. Mistress Ezada especially loves to teach chaste humility, with this accessory on. She finds it even more pleasant, to see the controled sex, fucked every seconds by this hard and cold steel plug. Instead of fucking girls, the slave's penis is just permanently fucked and keep frustrated.

Once used to it, the urethral plug can be worn many days without removing. It has a 6mm external diameter, and a 4mm hole to urinate properly. Beginners can start with a reduced plug length, the time to get used to this. Then they can go for the appropriate length, it means the same as the tube one.

The head of the cage, is a unique one, especially made for this model, to receive the urethral plug with the best hygiene/confinement compromise.

This is a very comfortable model, polished to a fine finish. Designed with long-term wear in mind, provision is made for both cleanliness and security.

The Ezada's Control Cage is an excellent cage that we think is well suited to even exigent lovers of chastity! Custom-made, as with all our designs, it comes in a wide range of lengths and diameters to help it adapt perfectly to all morphologies.

Every piece is made by hand in our French (Montpellier) and Spanish (Tarragona) workshops, using highest-quality 316L stainless steel.


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The "No Escape with padlock" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 padlock, 1 discipline belt, 1 storage bag.

The "No Escape with screw" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws, 1 storage bag.

The "Combo 1&2" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 padlock, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws, 1 storage bag.


PS: Before ordering you should have a look to our articles about Measuring The Locking systemsThe Disciplinary Tips .




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