For any of our models, you can choose the cage head style that suits you best. We currently offer 4 standard choices and two additional options, but, to better suit your needs, it's possible to combine multiple options into one device.



- Airy Head:

For those wanting to breathe easy and allow themselves some limited sexual pleasure within their confinement, whether they be alone or under the control of their Mistress or Master.


- Secured Head:

For those seeking slightly greater confinement, less access and less possibility of cheating their way to pleasure.


- Double floor Head:

Developed with Prince Albert piercings in mind, this double-floor head allows the PA to attach through the first set of bars while the second set assures good protection against friction. It's quite efficient without a PA as well, particularly for our uncut patrons wanting to protect their skin from pinching or escape.


Ultra secure Head:

This head is a little more weighty, but efficient at protecting against skin slippage, cheating attempts and friction against the trousers. The first set of four bars are narrowly spaced to prevent the skin from slipping through. In the unlikely event that this somehow happens anyway, a secondary pair of bars is in place for that extra layer of protection and security. As it requires extra time and work, this option adds 20 Euros to the standard cage price.



Foreskin stopper head:

This head choice is the ultimate in combining aesthetic pleasure, discretion, comfort and efficiency. The bars are spaced by only a couple of milimetres, brooking no chance of escape or friction, and preventing errant fingers from deriving any unsanctioned pleasure. This option requires the most work to produce, thus it adds 30 Euros to the standard cage price.


Gancho Lock Head:

This is a special head designed for the "Gancho Lock" accessory. It can be customized at your request to make it more restrictive.