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It's an honour to welcome the stunning German icon Lady Asmondena to our Ambassadresses team. She has been leading the worldwide professional fetish/SM scene for a long time. The Lady is well reputed for both her charismatic and creative energy in the BDSM subculture.




Lady Asmondena has appears in more than 350 BDSM clips and films, and has a great amount of experience in latex fetish modeling, also one of her best kinks! The Lady would define herself, however, as someone with unlimited fetishes; she is well at home in a full range of scennes and scenarios, offering private sessions to a lucky number in her home town of Hamburg.




These last years Lady Asmondena has grown more involved in the use of chastity to control her slaves, so naturally we decided to get in touch and share our kinky passion. The Lady particularly enjoyed the Tarentula and ZZ Cage, locking her main slaves for two months without any issue! We're very proud to share our chastity experience with the Divine Lady Asmondena!


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