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This gorgeous Italian lady based in Brescia has been involved in the professional BDSM scene for over 20 years. She presents herself as a naturaly dominant, with a cruel streak that stretches back to the day she was born. So developing her passion for domination into a career was only natural.



She loves to accompany others into the exploration of their deepest and most wonderful fantasies, helping them discover sensations and facets of themselves they might otherwise have ignored. She obtains her impressive results from her experience, intelligence, technique, tools and sizeable wealth of fantasies on which to draw. The Lady possesses great patience and ability to listen to and understand the needs of those who come to her. Her certification as a nurse has also leant her greater understanding of the human body's physical and psychological limits, up to and including the most intense of experiences, but beginners too will find equal home at her feet.

BDSM is a 24/7 art and lifestyle for this Diva, whose radiant presence has honoured most of the subculture's main worldwide events.



Madame Ingrid has written a wonderful book called On Tour, in which she relates in 15 chapters her various trips around the world during her extensive journey as a dominatrix. Each step of that journey has brought her into contact with different aspects of BDSM, allowing her to live new experiences and grow as both a dominatrix and woman. The 200-page book encompasses 20 years of evolution within the world of professional domination.

On Tour can be found in eBook version, in Italian only. 



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