For some, when selecting a chastity cage, the base ring size can be the most difficult choice to make. So for those requiring additional base rings, we are pleased to offer them in a number of custom shapes and sizes. If your cage came with a “No Escape” locking system, there is no need to send back the cage for readjustment; every new base ring will be compatible with it. If your cage has the Combo 1 or 2 system, we will require you to send back the tube for readjustment to fit the new base ring.


Ordering in 2 steps:


 1- Pay the amount of the ring (and shipping costs if necessary)


- Standard base ring (for NoEscape with padlock, Combo1&2): 55€  


- Standard base ring (for NoEscape with screw): 75€  


- Option "Ergonomic Base Ring": 25€  


 - Option "Non-standard base ring": 30€  


 Shipping EUROPE: 25€  


Shipping OUTSIDE EUROPE: 35€  




2-Fill and send the form below with your ring options and your shipping infos:


Ring Options




Shipping Infos
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