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Queen Alya is a glamour model who began her career in the 2000s. After several years' experience in fashion, she has turned the main focus of her work to the BDSM and fetish spheres. She is our Russian Fetish Queen, a walking symbol of the cool and remote beauty of the Slavic woman.



To stand out among such stunning competition and showcase her natural talents at their peak, the Queen has taken care to maintain strict discipline. She follows a disciplined regimen of diet and exercise, attending language courses and pursuing her passion at fashion shows, where she was first brought to international attention.



The more she learned about the fashion industry, modeling and photography, the more Queen Alya became involved in every aspect of image creation. It became a passion, enjoying the glamorous aspects of this world, traveling to exotic places and beautiful settings, and wearing the most stylish of clothes.



This superior woman loves to feel the appreciative look of admirers on her body, and to play with them as the Queen that she is. Her head-turning qualities have doubtless caused a few accidents before!



Queen Alya decided to live in Canada to be closer to the fashion industry and better able to practice her artistic freedom. The more she modeled, the more she realized there was a high demand for certain kinds of outfits from her fans. When requests came forth that she produce fetish videos featuring thigh-high boots and leather, it signaled the start of her mistress career.



Even if she remains a glamour model, she enjoys the role of mistress, goddess and dominatrix. They are how she discovered the world of male chastity, where she now acts as a keyholder for a few lucky men and cruel tease to the rest.


Our Queen loves to read her fans' erotic dreams, their most intimate fantasies, their beautiful poems and stories dedicated to her. She often maintains a close correspondence with her site members to better understand their needs, desires and kinks. Not only can she be a fetish fantasy, but a close confidant as well.



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