THE SAFIRA CAGE: The stones power

This is the last RED CHILI creation, to celebrate this new 2021 year! From the beginning we had the idea to build a cage with encrusted stones. That's done with this new model dedicated to our stunning brazilian ambassadress: Chastity Queen Safira. The cage structure is not very new, as it's exactly the same as for our famous "Sissy cage". The newest points are on its unique aesthetic and the energy given from the stones. We put two new bars on both sides, to prevent better skin escape. And finally, the "Safira Sacrifice" version with its 10 disciplinary spikes, will give a lot of pleasure to the most masochists, and a new weapon for Mistress to control and punish bad behaviours.

Every piece is made by hand in our French (Montpellier) and Spanish (Tarragona) workshops, using highest-quality 316L stainless steel.

The "No Escape with padlock" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 padlock, 1 discipline belt, 1 storage bag.

The "No Escape with screw" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws, 1 storage bag.

The "Combo 1&2" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 padlock, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws, 1 storage bag.


mistress safiracage 

The "Safira Cage" is "Chastity Queen Safira" choice for her slaves.



2 options are available, "Safira cage" and "Safira Sacrifice Cage" with 10 spikes all around the tube!


You can select between 4 types of stones:

Onyx (black): A Greek name which means "claw", because of its white stripes. It was found in many egyptian tombs. It preserves negativity into relations, and reinforces the link between people, especially into weddings.
Howlite (white): It's sometimes called "White Turquoise", it's an emotional stone. It's especially adapted to reduce angryness, stress and anxiety.
Turquenite (blue): Associated to the Turquoise, it's a spiritual stone which helps to reach to a deeper level. It guides safely who is in a truth and wisdom quest.
Tiger Eye (brown/yellow): This a well known very powerful stone from millennia, mostly used as an amulet. It favors strength and self confidence, supports new competences, learning and development, and helps to access wisdom. 
safiracage stones

PS: Before ordering you should have a look to our articles about Measuring The Locking systemsThe Disciplinary Tips and the Head Choice




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Price (All Tax Incl.): 350€


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International shipping with insurance and tracking: 35€


Building time: 8 to 10 weeks (between order and shipping). Transporter delivery time is about 2/4 days for Europe and 5/7 days for USA). If you have a rush request e-mail us (+250€ for 1 week building time).



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- Safira Sacrifice Option (10 disciplinary spikes) 130€:  





- Option "NoEscape with screw" Locking System (70€):  


- Option "Combo1" Locking System (55€):  


- Option "Combo2" Locking System (70€):   


 - Option "Disciplinary Tips" (75€):


- Option "Ultra secure Head" (20€):  


  • - Option "foreskin Stopper Head" (30€):  
  • - Option "Non-standard base ring" (30€):  


 - Option "Ergonomic Base Ring" (25€):  


- Option "Strengthened Bars" (60€):  

(Spaced approximately every 5mm instead of 10mm) 




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