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What's new with Susan?

16/10/2017:Susan's playing with the "Tease Cage"





Susan is a naughty wife, but only in the best interests of her hubby and the stable of bulls he has the honour of choosing for her. This lovely Belgian couple are great cuckolding adepts and have been RED CHILI clients since the beginning.



Susan relishes dominating her husband, commanding him to don a chastity cage and watch impotently as she in turn is dominated – yes, dominated, because once a bull has been readied and the sex party begun, Susan loves becoming the best little slut she can! What's more humiliating for a hubby than to see his wife and Mistress being ravished by powerful males, often tied up, while he himself is prevented from enjoying her marvelous body for weeks and has no choice but to obey? Susan indulges her vices by forcing him to film these kinky escapades and then, once back at home, to watch them for hours whilst still locked away in chastity...



Here's a telling game Susan enjoys playing with her hubby: every time she has a date, he has to choose the alluring clothing she'll wear for the lucky bull to enjoy as he fucks her, all while the chastity key jingles like a bell from her neck.



Prospective, sturdy males who wish to enjoy Susan's charms must first contact her hubby, who will choose the potential bulls. Then it's up to Susan to elect the the lucky few who will be allowed the privilege of her pussy. If you believe yourself worthy of the task, you can send a request over on Fetlife.


"Madame's perfectly accentuated posterior is a rare privilege, reserved for dominant males well learned and generously endowed by nature...not for caged sissies !"


"Susan awaiting the start of a sex party with a new male she has selected. Who will be able to fulfil her desire, and who will prove worthy to enjoy the heights of her exceptional beauty ?"