The Disciplinary Tips: A good tool to keep the rules respected...

Eagerly awaited, here are finally the "Disciplinary Tips", which allows the dominant to have an additional tool to apply its education and increase its control. They are made of 3 welded pads receiving some security screws. We can use them or not, without removing the cage's tube. On the other hand, with the "Combo" locking system, the middle tip can be even more secured, because placed under the padlock and inaccessible without the padlock key.

A double function of these tips, is to limit the sex pull back possibility, it would be too painful. And even more delicate to put it back into the device.

Watch out, these tips are as all this kind of accessories, a tool rather radical! At first we don't fell them, after several hours they start to make their effect, after some days they become unbearable and hurtful. It's necessary to be careful to not use them excessively, to watch very closed the submissive, otherwise there's a chance that he will not be able to wear the cage at all, for a long time before healing.

The 'Disciplinary Tips" are an option, adding 75€ to the cage price.



(old snake eyes screws on the pics, we use now the torx system with the love key)