Works of Passion:

I'm Aken, and the aesthetics of the BDSM subculture have always fascinated me. For the past several years, I've been exploring the world of chastity with a passion; I consider it both a fascinating means of exploring personalities and a beautiful expression of love. 

It took me a long time to find a cage of my own. For 24/7 wear, my first choice is now firmly rooted in steel devices, which remain the most hygienic, comfortable and secure – particularly with the addition of our Discipline Belt. They've helped me understand the necessity of adapting a cage perfectly to one's anatomy, but, when I first began browsing the internet for custom devices and their prices, I was quickly discouraged. 

Being the holder of a welder's diploma in my old life, I soon dropped my pursuit to focus on work, but, as time passed, my desire began to pull me back toward the idea of combining my job with my long-standing passion. And so, motivated by my Queen's authority, I learned TIG welding and equipped my workshop accordingly. Today I can construct devices of my own at her desire, and finally have that device of my own. 

One of my greatest motivations is thinking about the pleasure that you too will experience with one of my devices. My Queen and I sincerely hope to share with you the beautiful love affair that is chastity.