5 Questions to Spoilt Princess Grace: The sense of BDSM relationships
1- Why are you so involved into domination, is it the case from your entire life?
I am the only girl out of a huge family of male cousins and brothers. I was raised Catholic with traditional gender roles and was always got in trouble for being too bossy but as I grew in to an adult being bossy really helped me in so many ways in life especially with men. More women should be bossy with men.
I had no idea about bdsm until late on. I grew up in vety strict household. Being a Domme for me was a form or therapy, creativity, growth and love for myself, I discovered it gives me the best experiences, new friendships with other powerful and creative ladies and it also gives me freedom. I think if I get married it would definitely be a female lead relationship.
2- Do you think female lead and male submission, as we 
practice in BDSM and fendom relationships, is 
something which can help the world to become better, a 
kind of « solution »?
I think vanilla sex is very limiting.  BDSM give us the opportunity to explore our sexuality and to connect emotionally and mentality with each other.  Its can be very intense and also helps men see things for a women's point of view not just his own.
3- Describe what would be the best world in your sense, 
which would be the way to rise all together to something 
better for the whole humanity…
Very deep question I will have to pray that in a few more years I am wise enough to answer this question but at the moment I am still on a journey to find the answer to this question.
4- To humiliate and abuse males, is the foundation of 
gynarchy; why submissive males are asking for this, and 
female have so much fun doing it? What to do with the 
non-submissive males?
I don't humilate or abuse all my subs unless it is something they have stated is their desire. I always respect subs limits and understand they are all very unique so I never assume all sub want the same things.
 I treat non sub and subs the same )) I am clear to them about what I want and that they must be of use to me if they want to be in my life.
5 - Is there something spiritual in doing this? An 
exploration of the being, the search for other states of 
conscience, or a way to connect something divine.
I was always deeply spiritual and believe very strongly in God. Lots of events happened in my life to lead me to discovering I am truly happiest as Princess Grace. 
I was also blessed to have met my beautiful domme sister and friend Ibicella, I don't think it was by chance or accident that I had so many great experiences as a Domme with my sister or subs and often in real time sessions I think this is so amazing to be getting to do something I totally love and be paid for it.
 I am not arrogant enough to think that I know everything I am still learning lots about myself but if sickness or other life events stopped me working as a pro-domme I would still create or have sessions with personal slaves or a slave husband.
 Its definitely a part of my life forever and that makes me really happy.
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